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CEREBRO – Open Platform for Hybrid Reasoning
Using Events Calculus, Ontologies and Soft Computing Tools


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IROS 2013, EUSPN 2013, RITA 2013
Track on Sensing, Reasoning and Actuation in Ubiquitous Systems and Cloud Robotics
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Cerebro is a hybrid platform that combines high-level causal and temporal reasoning with multi-modal probabilistic inferencing for context-aware human support in smart spaces. Its aim is to recognize everyday user activities in indoor domains, monitor their proper execution, and perform assistive actions, in the form of recommendations, alerts or device handling, in order to facilitate user's domestic tasks.

If needed, the system can control a variety of stationary and mobile robotic entities, in order to promote its perception capacity in understanding occurring situations and to react effectively. The platform's architecture is modular to enable the experimentation with a multitude of reasoning approaches at different levels.

Emphasis has been given in the seamless integration of formal tools with data-driven approaches aiming at completing the loop of knowledge representation, reasoning and decision making in real-world AmI settings.
Cerebro is designed for Activity Recognition, Context Awareness, Intention Recognition and Events Diagnosis in Ambient Intelligence, Telemedecine and Ubiquitous Robotics applications.

Sponsoring Organizations
University of Paris Est Créteil (UPEC)

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